Death by Dangerous Driving

Man’s greatest mistake? Mostly this site is about improving quality of life, but let’s concentrate on the other side of the equation for a moment.

The world-wide death stats say it all. There is still hot competition from the tobacco industry but autos are right up there challenging for man’s greatest self-induced cause of death.

Statistics from the World Health Organisation show that road traffic collisions account for 1.2 million deaths, per year.

1.2 million violent deaths. Per year. And at least ten times that in serious, debilitating injuries.

This alone puts autos in the top ten killers, world-wide.

Then we have to think about the wider effects on health. Heart disease (no.1 on the list), strokes (2), pulmonary disease (4) and a range of cancers are all directly related to obesity, which in turn is directly related to the number of cars in use.

Respiratory diseases (3) and lung cancers (7) are directly related to air pollution, which in turn is directly related to the number of cars in use.

I’m no public health expert but the stats are so clear that someone, maybe at the WHO, needs to do the maths and start arguing the case against the auto industry. It’s Tobacco 2.

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