England’s Front Gardens Captured on the iPhone

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  • sarah coomber

    Get that around here too, husband bet me the last one near us wouldn’t cover the whole front garden…..he lost.

    Take a look at this to make you feel a bit better. My front garden as landscaped 3 years ago. Ultra low maintainence, wildlife frienldy and pretty.


  • mike


  • Tom

    Man they’re gonna have a hell of a time digging that lot out when tescos run short of food

  • purple fruit

    Front gardens are the perfect place to grow raspberries. Raspberry plants can be rampant but are usually trapped in a front garden by your house, your driveway, the road and next door (you may want to tak to them). The plants get some shade and support from your house and hedges/fences. They will give you a good crop and some visual cover and shade in the summer. They are low maintenance and give good ground cover. The only drawback is whether you like the tall straggly visual appearance. The fruit is good though.

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