What Motorists Think

The following is from a very recent survey of more than 3,000 UK motorists carried out by Admiral Insurance. Let’s peer into the mind of the people behind the steering wheels of 32m cars:

Off to a fairly positive start – nearly two thirds of drivers at least acknowledge that a carfree life is possible. And 13% seem quite up for it. A bit of positive encouragement could make headway here.

This is really amazing. It means that two thirds of cars are driven 5,000 miles per year or less.

This in turn means their owners pay between 94p per mile (for a standard car) and £1.70 per mile (for an upper end model)  – Automobile Association figures.  This is equivalent to taxi charges. People could spare themselves all the hassle of buying, cleaning, servicing, storing, parking and driving their own car, be chauffered everywhere and it would cost them not a penny more.

And another thing, if we assume an average speed of 33mph, this means most cars are used less than 3 hours per week! So for 98% of the time they just sit there taking up space. Depreciating. It seems bonkers.

And of course it is bonkers, except that the beneficiaries of this particular madness are the big corporations – auto, oil and financial (hello Admiral Insurance). And so it goes.

Interesting. Motorists don’t like the older, slower members of their clan (more evidence in the next post).


And interesting again. A very clear majority for more regulation.


Remember this survey is of motorists. So 40% calling for a reduction in the speed limit is quite something. And only 3% are complete sociopaths. But let’s not get too excited:

So motorists drive over the speed limit, but kind of know its wrong. This is an example of the conflicted state of mind that cars often seem to engender in their owners. It’s not healthy.


And this is what people admit to.

Again, there is something about driving that induces people to act against their better instincts. My theory is that even while they are doing it, deep down they feel the whole thing is wrong and antisocial which makes them cross at themselves and everyone else on the roads – more evidence of that in the next post.

Incidentally, I think the same deep down feeling is responsible for the rather annoying self-righteousness of cyclists. But then again, they are in the right on this one.

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  1. Really interesting. So if we were at the Institute of Advanced Motorists, and writing a press release about this, we’d say “64% of Motorists Routinely Break Safety Rules”.

    Also interesting that “using a mobile phone” wasn’t an option in the last question…

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